A matter of Justice, Sovereignty, and Survival

The Quest to Feed the World Without Destroying It

Voices from Radical Mental Health

Mind, brain and body in the transformation of trauma

Cosmic Perspectives on Civilisation


Special Collection on Islamic Civilization

In 2008, the Institute of Islamic Understanding Malaysia (IKIM) acquired a special collection on Islamic Civilization totalling 8001 volumes. The breadth of the collection is seen by the presence of many monumental works in different languages on architecture to decorative arts, to the lesser known works on arms and armour, textiles, ceramics, metal works, glass works and the decorative features.

Ethics Collection

Since February 2011,  the area which has been the focus of PTAS Library is a multidisciplinary collection on values and ethics, which is continuously being enriched. User may also consult the subscription database of PTAS Library on the subject of Ethics.

Islamic Law Collection

Islamic Law Collection is an idea of IKIM Chairman the late YABhg. Tun Ahmad Sarji bin Abdul Hamid with the late Dr. Mohd Saad bin Abdul Rahman, Former Director of the Center for Shariah, Law and Politics Studies (SYARAK) as the main coordinator which was developed on 27 January 2006. Among the fields found in the Islamic Law Collection are related to usul al-fiqh, worship, family, property, crime, judiciary and etc. Islamic Law Collection which located in the PTAS Library provides services to researchers, students and society. 

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