1. Visitors or external users must have written permission from the Director General or Library Officer before using the library.

2. Bags are not allowed to be brought into the library except books, notes and stationery.

3. Dress neatly and politely when enter the library.

4. Users are required to behave well and not make excessive noise.

5. While in the library, users are prohibited from:

5.1 scratching/ tearing/ damaging/ stealing library materials;
5.2 smoking, eating and drinking;
5.3 remove/ misuse/ damage furniture;
5.4 transfer books/ library materials from one level to another level collection;
5.5 dispose of garbage evenly;
5.6 use a mobile phone (except in vibrate mode); and
5.7 wear slippers.
6. Users who make photocopies must pay according to the amount of payment that has been set and must be in accordance with the Copyright Act.