PTAS Library was established in 1992 in line with the establishment of IKIM then at Pusat Bandar Damansara with a collection of 600 books and later moved to the present IKIM building at Langgak Tunku in 1993.Until December 2018, the library has more than 40,000 copies of books, journals, IKIM publications, press articles, conference papers and others.

IKIM has obtained the Quality Management System MS ISO 9001:2015 and Qulaity Management System Shariah Based  MS 1900:2014. The scope of certification is "Research and Resource Centre for the Understanding of Islam". This certification contributes towards an efficient and effective delivery of the Library's services.

PTAS Library plays an important role in supporting IKIM ‘s role as an outstanding research centre which conducts these activities:

  1. Conducting research and consultancy;
  1. Organising conferences, seminars, expert consultations, workshop trainings and the like at national and international levels;
  1. Publishing books, journals and magazines;
  1. Disseminating Islamic understanding through print and electronic media such as writings in the local press and websites as well as broadcasts on Radio IKIM and IKIMtv; and,
  1. Fostering relations and cooperation with related institutions and organisations to share experiences and resources in order to promote Islam as a universal religion and bears goodwill.