Rules & Regulations

  • Customers must be formally and decently attired as defined in the University Dress Code.

  • Children and pets are not allowed to enter the Library.

  • Only reading and writing materials can be brought into the Library. Other materials such as bags, umbrellas, parcels, crash helmets, etc., are not to be brought into the library. Such articles may be left in the pigeon holes provided close to the entrance of the Library. Library management accepts no responsibility for loss of any of these items.

  • Hand-phone, walkman, discman and similar electronic gadgets are not allowed to be brought into the Library.

  • Smoking, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited inside the library.

  • Customers are required to conduct themselves properly and give cooperation to create a pleasant atmosphere in the library conducive for study and research.

  • Silence is to be strictly observed in the Library.

  • Mutilating or stealing Library materials/properties are liable to strict disciplinary action.

  • Customers are not allowed to remove or change the placement of chairs, tables or any other furniture in the Library.

  • The Library staff on duty has the authority to ask any customer, who causes disturbance in the Library to leave.

  • Customers may be required to show all books and items they carry for inspection at the exit gate before leaving the Library.

  • Library officers have the authority to bar any person from using library facilities for any infringement of the Library Rules and Regulations.

  • Library Authority may amend Library Rules and Regulations as and when necessary.



Anyone who wishes to utilise the Library and its services should request for permission from Director-General of IKIM or the Librarian. Notification of approval will be sent soonest possible.

Book Loan Regulations
The term of book loans are as follows:
1 Researchers 20 3
2 IKIM officers top management unlimited 4
3 IKIM committee members 5 2
4 Administration Officers 5 2
5 Interlibrary loan 10 2
6 IKIM members 5 2
7 Non staff or outside users Through ILL only