About Us


IKIM Library is a special library focusing on collecting Islamic information resources for the benefit of researchers. There are numerous requests to utilise IKIM library from local and overseas researchers who are interested in the library collections relevant to their research needs.

The library exists to assist and support the research activities in IKIM through its services and resources. It also provides the indexing services of seminar papers as well as newspaper articles written by IKIM Researchers. The Library strives to accomplish its objective in providing excellent collections and services to support its researchers.

The collection of IKIM Library in Kuala Lumpur is classified using the Library of Congress Classification number (LCCN) and Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).


Library System

IKIM Library uses ILMU (Integrated Library Management Utility) as information retrieval system.


Classification System

IKIM Library uses The Library of Congress Subject Headings and Library of Congress Classification Number for its classification system.